Testimonials: Read what my students say about me and my lessons! All testimonials below have been sent in by former students.

“Mary is a fantastic person, very patient and friendly, and she’s also the best teacher I have ever had in my life. She helped me to prepare for the CAE exam. All lessons were prepared with accuracy and precision. Mary has a great teaching style, which encourages you to learn with fun, I enjoyed every lesson.
I will definitely take more lessons in the future and I strongly recommend her to everyone. Thank you!”

Barbara, Poland (Intermediate – 4 months of CAE Preparation Lessons)

“After doing different courses I finally found the right teacher in Mary, I did 3 months of CAE English preparation with her and from the very beginning she focused on my weaknesses, doing personalised exercises and guiding me to study on my own. I really advise you to take her lessons if you are aiming to study English in a very organised way. Thanks a lot Mary!”

Mario, Spain (Intermediate – 3 month of CAE Preparation Lessons)

“Mary is a fantastic teacher! Although I didn’t have any special learning targets and I just wanted to improve my General English skills, Mary knew what I needed. Mary could really focus on my weakest points in a positive and supportive way, so that now I feel more confident when I’m speaking English. Mary’s lessons are really well organised planned. She explains everything clearly and gives lots of examples. If I need more lessons in the future, I’ll contact Mary again. Thank you so much Mary!”

Maija, Finland (Intermediate – 2 months of General English Lessons)

“I learnt General English and Business English with Mary for 6 months and during that period I felt I improved a lot and became more confident communicating with native speakers in the UK. In every lesson I learnt practical English expressions and I also got really useful homework every week. I learnt how to invite local people to my house, how to deal with English at work, etc, all of which was very helpful for daily practical life. Mary was flexible and always taught me based on my requirements. I recommend her lessons because they were organised, lively and interesting! I really enjoyed my time with her!”

Min, China (Intermediate – 6 months of General English and Business lessons)

“Mary is a great teacher. I saw dramatic improvement in my language in a short time. Mary has the ability to understand what the student really needs to develop. Learning with her is not just about preparing for the exam, but also helps for the future. From my experience she is a professional, especially for the writing tasks. She explains all the types of questions gradually and always gives lots of examples, and she gives you lots of tips and appropriate vocabulary to use in the writing. She also sent some useful websites and links to help me work at home. During the time I was learning with her I understood what the examiner is looking for, and she gave me essential exam techniques and tips that I needed to improve. She is a reliable teacher who I trust, that is why I advise you to take her lessons.”

Mohammed, Sudan (Pre Intermediate – 2 months of IELTS preparation lessons)

“Mary is such an amazing teacher with years of experience. She does personalized classes that really help you to improve your English level, focusing on your weakest points. I strongly recommend her to teach you, especially if you are aiming to take IELTS or any Cambridge exam. I wouldn’t have got my C1 grades if it weren’t for her. Thank you so much for everything!”

Angela, Spain (Upper Intermediate – 3 months of IELTS preparation lessons)

“I have had a pleasure of having Mary as an English teacher for the IELTS. She was such a helpful teacher and very enthusiastic as well.  She was organized and helped me to be organized for the exam too. The lessons were so interactive and interesting, which made me feel confident and ready for the exam. In addition, she is quite friendly and students feel comfortable during the lesson. I strongly recommend Mary as an English teacher as I can ensure that you will not be disappointed.”

Miltiadis, Greece (Intermediate Level – 4 weeks of IELTS preparation lessons)

“I would like to thank Mary for the lessons she gave me. She is a really good teacher. I was preparing for IELTS exam and she helped me to get the score I required and I got it. Best regards to you Mary”

Hagar, Libya (Pre Intermediate Level – 2 weeks of lessons)

“Mary is very nice and very good teacher. I like the way she teaches. She is friendly and helpful. My level is better now.”

Asma, Libya (Beginner – 8 weeks of lessons)

“Mary was my English teacher during one year. When I began to take English lessons, I was beginning and very stressed. She is a wonderful teacher, after several weeks my English level is better. Mary is professional and adapts with each student. I miss her English lessons!”

Fred, Montpellier, France (Pre Intermediate Level – 1 year of lessons)

“Mary was my English teacher for one year and one of the best that I have ever encountered. She makes difficult issues in English (such as tough grammar) very understandable. Her lessons are always thoroughly prepared and very interesting as she knows about a broad range of subjects.

She has a positive and enthusiastic personality always ready to greet you with a smile and a kind word. An extremely kind, patient, sensitive and poised person, she pays close attention to every student”

Maryline, Montpellier, France (Upper Intermediate Level – 1 year of lessons)

“Last year I’ve taken English lessons with Mary. She’s always motivated (even with a big cold!) patient and has a solid sense of humor. (these are 2 absolutely necessary qualities when you have to listen to French people speaking English… !)

But above all she is a very good instructor, finding simple explanations easily and always trying to help each person with professionalism…and heart”

Agnes, Montpellier, France (Intermediate Level – 6 months of lessons)

“I spent a lively and very constructive year with Mary. She was always cheerful, able to handle the class in a firm but sensitive manner while listening to us with great attention and answering our questions clearly.

She was also quick in providing good personal feedback, which was highly appreciated.

We learnt a lot of interesting things discussing different subjects along the year, and made effective progress in vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic sentences as well as in our ease conversing in English.”

Monique, Montpellier, France (Upper Intermediate Level – 1 year of lessons)

“Mary helped me improve my English. She’s an excellent teacher. Thanks to her energy, the way she listens and her friendly attitude, I managed to become more confident in English. I want to recommend her for her lessons and her teaching style, but also for her personality!”

Elodie, Avignon, France (Pre Intermediate Level – 6 months of lessons)