IELTS Preparation Lessons

Are you preparing for your IELTS? Do you need to get a particular grade to get into University or for work? Then my personalized IELTS preparation lessons are perfect for you! My background studying English Literature at University means that I know exactly what examiners are looking for, and have some unique tips to help you improve your exam skills.

What will we do in the lessons?

• Learn helpful exam tips and tricks – find out what the examiners are looking for in each section to get the best grade possible.

• Learn how to organize yourself and your work before the exam.

• Look at common IELTS vocabulary and topics that are useful for all sections.

• Practice specialised language and grammar for the Speaking and Writing sections.

• Have personalized and regular feedback, corrections and advice on how to improve your grade.

• Be given lots of useful resources and home study exercises.

• Learn high-level vocabulary (for anyone wanting to get grades 7.0 and over)


How will you help me with each skill?


Speaking lessons focus on building confidence and using appropriate vocabulary. We will practice lots of example questions so that you are familiar with as many topics as possible. We will look at how to extend answers on difficult topics and how to improve your pronunciation.


Writing lessons are based around your specific needs and weaknesses. We will look at structure and organisation, specialized language for both Task 1 and 2, as well as common IELTS topic vocabulary and grammar. By practicing lots of different types of questions and receiving regular detailed corrections and feedback, you will quickly improve your grade.


By learning useful IELTS vocabulary and looking at key reading skills (skimming, scanning and close reading) you will feel more confident in the exam. We will also look at typical tricks that the examiners use in each different type of question.


To prepare for the listening section, we will look at how stress and intonation in English can help your understanding, as well as focusing on exam tricks and structure to make sure you are as prepared as possible.

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