Business and Academic English

Business and Academic English: Prepare for meetings, interviews, presentations or simply perfect your professional or academic English.

If you are a professional wanting to perfect your Business English, or a student who needs to work on a specific area of study or research, then I can help.

Whether you are a manager or an employee, I will teach you specific job-related vocabulary and expressions, and make you feel more comfortable dealing with presentations, interviews and important meetings all whilst juggling full time work and study!

I can help you:

• Prepare for important meetings by role-playing using example questions and responses, learning new vocabulary and expressions to express yourself articulately.

• Feel confident giving presentations in English by practicing public speaking and using structured speech and expressions to organise your presentation.

• Write CVs and prepare for interviews, by looking at specific questions and responses related to your field of work or study, role-playing scenarios and building confidence by learning how to talk about yourself and your experiences in English.

Business and Academic English lessons are available as individual tuition or as group lessons, depending on your needs. Please contact me for more information and to discuss options.